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Supreme Council

Artemiev Igor Yurievich Artemiev Igor Yurievich Chairman of the Supreme Council
Fedorov Pavel Alekseevich Fedorov Pavel Alekseevich Chairman of the Board of the Rugby Union of Russia - CEO


Morozov Dmitry Valentinovich Morozov Dmitry Valentinovich Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Governing body

Markov Sergey Sergeevich Markov Sergey Sergeevich Sports director

Sports Department

Competition Center

Babkin Gleb Vsevolodovich Babkin Gleb Vsevolodovich Regional Development Director

Department of Regional Development

Rugby Academy Center
Rugby Academy Siberia
Rugby Academy South

Methodological center for the development of youth rugby

Foundation for the development of rugby in the army and law enforcement agencies

Rugby Veterans Support Fund

Sikachev Andrey Evgenievich Sikachev Andrey Evgenievich Financial Director

Financial Department

Belyavsky Dmitry Grigorievich Belyavsky Dmitry Grigorievich Commercial Director

Commercial department

Igoshev Mikhail Borisovich Igoshev Mikhail Borisovich Organizational Director

Organizational and Legal Department

LLC "Rugby Expluatatsiya"