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The Russian Rugby Union wants to assemble 16 teams for the CISM Rugby Sevens World Cup among military personnel

28 January 2023
The Russian Rugby Union wants to assemble 16 teams for the CISM Rugby Sevens World Cup among military personnel
At the Supreme Council of the Russian Rugby Federation spoke about holding the CISM Rugby World Cup Sevens, which will be held from 21 to 27 August 2023.

- Hosting the CISM Rugby World Cup Sevens for military personnel from August 21 to 27, 2023 is a big job. All these plans are achievable, realistic, according to our preliminary talks, there are resources for this. We can quite well call these competitions a world championship. We have a huge promotional and information campaign ahead of us. The first application to the tournament is already received, it is the team from Uzbekistan. We expect that there will be about 16 teams participating. We are preparing a presentation for the next Assembly to be held in Moscow. There will be a lot of work with the leadership of the countries and teams delegations to achieve this goal, - said Alexei Mitryushin, CSKA rugby club president and head of the Russian Rugby Federation committee for the development of rugby in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

As part of the Russian Federation's initiative to include rugby-7 into the CISM competition program, the first-ever CISM Olympic rugby competition will be held in August.

- The preparations for this event are well advanced. At the moment we have a confirmation from the organization that the competitions will be held in Moscow, both in writing and on the site. We have an appeal from the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation to hold an interdepartmental committee. In March we will defend this project, we have Moscow's agreement and they are ready to co-finance it. Please note that the Board together with the Armed Forces Foundation will have to approve the coaching staff of the Russian national team and the principles of making up the team for participation in this tournament by March 1. Naturally, this work must be done in the shortest possible time, - said Pavel Fedorov, General Director and Chairman of the Russian Rugby Federation.

- The major part will be taken by the Ministry of Defense, however, we will have to solve the issues of accommodation of the heads of delegations, plus it would be wonderful to play in a good beautiful stadium. It is quite possible that about four or five teams we will have to bring at our own expense. The Defense Ministry has already planned three training camps of 40-50 people each to determine the national team as well as the coaching staff, Alexey Mitryushin added.

- Moscow can provide Luzhniki stadium. As for CISM - it's fantastic. I talked to the big bosses in the Presidential Administration, they are surprised that such a big international tournament can be held in Moscow. There was another important event - IOC reduces the requirements, and it is one of the first signs of such tournament, - said Igor Artemyev, the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Rugby Union.