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Aleksandr Alekseenko was approved as responsible for the development of all Russian women's national rugby-7 teams

27 January 2023
Aleksandr Alekseenko was approved as responsible for the development of all Russian women's national rugby-7 teams
On January 27 at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Russian Rugby Federation Alexander Alekseenko was approved as responsible for the development of women's national rugby-7 teams.

Aleksandr Alekseenko, head coach of the Russian women's rugby sevens team, presented his report and his vision of the training structure for all Russian women's rugby sevens teams at the Wrestling Federation Supreme Council.
- The success in the first part of the tournament of the Rugby Sevens World Series for the season 2021/22 showed that we can perform ambitious tasks, - said Alexeyenko. - The suspension of the Russian national team from international matches is unpleasant, but not a tragedy. As the past year has shown, we were given the opportunity to pause in the continuous race for the result and pay attention to the possibility of developing the discipline of rugby-7 in our country.

According to the report the training structure will be based on the all-round interaction of the management, coaching staff and players of the main national team of Russia, reserve team (consisting mostly of the strongest players U19-23) and junior national team (U15-U18).

- Russian national women's rugby-7 team consists of 18 top players of Russian women's championship, the average age of the girls is 28, - said the coach. - I should note that this team is ready to return to the international arena at any time and solve all the tasks that were set for it.

If we talk about the plans for 2023, I would say that we have three training sessions scheduled. We think that this time should be enough to solve all of our tasks. Taking into consideration the fact that CSKA is the base club for the Russian national team, over 80% of the players train together on a regular basis.

Speaking about the reserve team, Alexeenko noted that it consists of about 40 players, the upper age is 23, and the average age is 21.

- A number of girls from our reserve team already have experience in playing for the main team, - said Alexander Alexeenko. - Now I'm talking about the World Series, European Championships, and several players were trained for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021. Up to 10 players of the reserve team are involved in the training process of the main team on a regular basis. We think that the performance of this team (made up of players from the Federal League) in the Russian Rugby Sevens Championship is a great success. The coaching staff of the Russian women's rugby sevens team expects that a number of players from the reserve team will join the first team in the near future. In 2023, the Russian women's reserve rugby sevens team will hold 8 training events (that is 78 days). It is planned that the girls will take part in the championship and the Cup of Russia in rugby-7.

Speaking about the Russian youth teams (U15-16 and U17-18) Alekseenko stressed that this is the most difficult category of teams.

- The total number of candidates for the junior team is 68 people. Here there is a significant difference in the level of players and administrative and coaching staff headed by Marat Minislamov have much more thorough and detailed approach to the educational and training process, to divide the teams into groups, subgroups and so on. In 2023 this team has planned 8 training events (117 days). Such a busy training schedule, we hope, will allow us to prepare up to 8 candidates for the reserve team, - summed up the head coach of the Russian women's national rugby-7 team.