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25 players will go to the Russian men's national rugby sevens team

2 February 2023
25 players will go to the Russian men's national rugby sevens team
The Vuyo Zangka team will hold training events from February 5 to 19 in Sochi at Yug Sport.

- We haven't played rugby as a team since 2021, which makes it difficult to compete with other European teams, Vuio Zangka said.

We held two training camps, identifying players outside the classic rugby programs, where our goal was young guys who we can grow into great players in rugby sevens and, later, in the classic rugby team.

The next training camp will be a good mix of young and experienced players from the previous December training camp. With this squad we hope to grow and work hard for our country. In the next rounds of the Russian Championship we will continue to look for young talent that focuses more on rugby sevens.

We are grateful to the Rugby Union of Russia for their continued support and faith in our path as a new coaching staff.

The roster of the Russian men's rugby sevens team for the training camp in Sochi

Vladimir Aksenov (Zastava)
Ivan Bachurin (Zastava)
Sergey Bondarenko (Zastava)
Grigory Voytenko (Zastava)
Nikolay Gilev (Zastava)
Artem Demonov (Zastava)
Danila Krasnolutskiy (Zastava)
Sergey Polezhaev (Zastava)
Nikita Skachko (Zastava)
Rodion Skachko (Zastava)
Arthur Solomyanyy (Zastava)
Vladislav Starichenko (Zastava)
Daniil Stepin (Zastava)
Ilya Frolov (Zastava)
Alexander Kazakov (VVA Moscow Region)
Ilya Korneev (VVA Moscow Region)
Islam Shakirov (VVA Moscow Region)
Muslim Ibragimov (Taganiy Rog)
Magomed Ilyasov (Taganiy Rog)
Nikita Bondarenko (Bogatyri)
Alexander Voznyuk (Baltic Storm)
Tamaz Guchua (Rostov)
Ilya Saglayev (Metallurg)
Daniil Soldatov (Slava)
Sergey Tolmachev (Khimik)