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Goals and objectives of the Russian Rugby Union


The Rugby Federation of Russia was founded in 1992 and since that moment the strategic goal of the FRR has remained unchanged - the development and popularization of rugby in the country. 

Hidden behind this simple formulation are many goals that have already been achieved and are yet to be achieved.

The centuries-old traditions of the game have formed a number of values that define the essence of rugby - integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline, respect. These principles are laid in the foundation of the work of the Russian Rugby Federation.

Rugby for us is not just a sport - it is a philosophy of forming character, will, and spirit, which are inherent in every player, coach, manager, fan. 


Targets and goals

Seven key areas that most fully reflect the essence of the federation's work:


Creation of financial, organizational, personnel, methodological and social conditions for the development of the game in Russia. Formation of a flexible communication and management system that will make it possible to use all available means as efficiently as possible.


The presence of stadiums and training bases is one of the basic conditions for progress. Modernization of existing facilities and construction of new ones, expansion and improvement of the quality of infrastructure is one of the basic priorities.


Mass character

Rugby unites tens of millions of people around the world. Involvement of as many children and young people as possible, students, amateurs and professionals through the creation and development of new tournaments, as well as special projects such as "Rugby in the Army" or "Try Rugby".


Rugby to every home, computer, TV, tablet or smartphone is a strategic goal. Intensive information activities due to the synergy of the country's leading sports grounds and the Russian Rugby Federation. Compliance with all modern standards of work, as well as creating conditions for the presence of world and sports rugby in the information field of the country.



The top of the pyramid is a professional sport at the highest level. Building a system for training athletes that will allow Russian national teams and the country's leading clubs to constantly progress is a key task. Our teams must become permanent participants in the main tournaments of the planet, such as the World Cup, the Olympics, the World Series and compete with the leading rugby nations.


Introduction of modern approaches to work, systematic training, monitoring the qualifications of players, coaches, doctors, referees and managers are the most important elements of the system's progress. Russian rugby officials must not only comply with, but also anticipate world standards, developing the game, preventing the introduction of prohibited technologies and drugs.


Rugby has the unique ability to connect entire nations and continents based on love and passion for the game, respect for its values ​​and spirit. The FRR seeks to make full use of this positive experience to strengthen and improve relationships both between the citizens of our country and at the interstate level.