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Targets and goals

The Russian Referees Board unites and coordinates the work of rugby referees throughout the country.

In addition to organizing the work of the referees corps and providing qualified service for competitions, the RRB is engaged in training and involving new specialists in the work, improving qualifications, and conducting explanatory work.

The Board, whose members are elected by the General meeting of Referees for two years, heads the RRB.


How to become a judge or inspector?

We are always looking forward to help you to master the difficult craft of a rugby referee or match inspector. The basic qualities of any referee are a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game and excellent physical fitness.

We recommend that future referees start with online training. Register on the official World Rugby website and start learning the game.

Key sections:

- Ready for rugby

- Rugby rules

When you feel that you are ready and get excellent results in online tests, fill the special form located just below and we will help you continue your studies and get practice. 


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